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Creativity: Magnificent Ideas In You

          There is no medium between God and [humankind] nothing between life and living, between heaven and hell, but an idea.  But an idea has no real value until it becomes an experience.
SOM pp. 445

Have thy tools ready; God will find thee work.
Charles Kingsley

          Each of us is filled up with an endless supply of creative ideas.  We don’t always pause to hear them nor do we consistently take action once we do hear them.

          To often a beautiful idea is put aside out of fear of ridicule or simply dismissed as wishful thinking.  However, Ernest Holmes wrote that intuition is God in [humankind] meaning that this storehouse of creative ideas is Spirit within us, longing to express.

          Is there a magnificent new idea for creation inside of you right now?

The  infinite potential of Spirit expresses Itself as creativity in me.  Today I search out opportunities to apply that divine creativity.  I release all objections and I remain willing to experiment with every possibility.  I give thanks for my life and all that is in it.
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Garry Viljoen, Edward Viljoen Sr.  Edward Viljoen Jr.

. . . the aim of evolution is to produce a [person] who, at the objective point of its own self-determination, may completely manifest the inner life of the Spirit.
SOM pp. 338

Human progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability; it comes through the tireless effort of [people] willing to be co-workers with Go, and without this hard work, time itself becomes an ally of the forces of social stagnation.
M.L. King Jr.

          By examining our own life we inevitably find evidence of spiritual progress.  No one is the same person that they were five years ago, let alone five minutes.  Spirit within us is urging us ever upwards.  Evolving our sense of who we are and how we relate to Life.

          By consciously becoming aware of this evolution, we place ourselves in a position of being able to choose wisely, to act considerately and to see clearly.

Every day in very way my experience of Spirit in all life expands.  Every day in every way I am more clearly aware of my relationship to God.  I give thanks for my life and all that is in it.
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Charity, Freely Expressed In All Directions

The Law of Attraction brings into contact and relationship with me all those people in whose company I find the greatest profit and enjoyment and to whom I may give the most.
pp. 557

When a needy person stands at your door, God himself stands at his side.
Hebrew Proverb

          What is charity?  Not so much and activity as an attitude.  Charity is a disposition of largess towards all life.  Charity in the individual is the reenactment of Spirit's Givingness to and through all life.  Unless charity is freely expressed in all directions, it is a withholding of one's natural tendency to express givingness....which is God in us.

I feel the urge to love and appreciate life in all Its forms.  Where I perceive lack, I respond to my natural urge to offer thoughts of love and support.  My intentions and my actions are unified by the Presence of God's love within me. I give thanks for my life and all that is in it.
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